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The Wooden Willow

Silhouette Ornaments - Custom

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Made to Order.

Take a photo of your child’s profile while they are resting (more serious face). This tends to look best in this type of art. 

Please make sure their ENTIRE face, head/hair and neck are are showing (and that you’re happy with how their hair looks!) Stand eye level. Make sure their head is turned so you can only see one of their eyes. They don’t have to be smiling. Smiles don’t always show through like in a regular photo. Refer to pictures to see examples. 

Lighting is very important! Take the picture during the day with good lighting. 

Please send your picture(s) and your order number to WITHIN 72 hours of placing your order. Label each photo using the child’s name. 

I will reply back letting you know I have your photo and once the proofs are ready, I will send it back to you through the same email conversation. 

Handmade, woodburned and painted art on wood slice with live edge.

Measures 2-4 inches in diameter.

More Info

Processing time: up to 7-10 business days.

Designs and colors may vary slightly.

Wood is natural so size and shape may vary and may contain blemishes. 

Avoid placing in direct sunlight, as this causes the woodburning to fade.

Like what you see but want to add your personal touch? Reach out by filling out a Custom Request Form!